How To Start Your Home Business (Or: How To Make Extra Money At Home)

Beginning a home business can be a daunting task, especially if you have a family or another job to take care of.

The distractions you have to overcome have the possibility to prevent you from accomplishing anything you set out to do. It is important to establish a plan of attack that gives your idea (or a business) the best chance of success.

Develop a Business Plan. No, I’m not talking about a 110-page detailed report on how you plan on paying back your investment. Those things never work out the way they should anyway. I’m talking about outlining your plan of attack. In this short business plan you should:

1. Describe your product or service you are offering. List the price, availability, estimated time to produce or provide the service. These can be bullet point half sentences, nothing official here, folks. This is meant to be an internal document, but also one you can easily pull out of your desk drawer and reference from time to time to make sure you are on the right track. If you’re in doubt about going this career track, take a free career quiz.

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Content Can Make or Break Your Website

It is important that you remember that content can make or break your website. Focus on publishing on the highest quality content, even if it takes days to write, it will be worth it. There is too much junk floating around on the internet and people will appreciate a highly informative article. They will share it on social media, Google will hear about the buzz, and it will rank your website higher. See also this Victoria Hansen video that explains also a lot (excuse the oh so British accent):

Creating a website is easy but creating a website that people will visit on a regular basis is a different story. It all comes down to the type of content that you publish on your website. I’m sure that you are already aware of the need to publish high-quality content on your website, but it can be a little confusing to figure out what exactly “high-quality content” means.

Don’t worry; I’m going to walk you through the basics of content creation and how to optimize your content for search engine results. Once you are done reading this article, you will be armed with all the information that you need to start publishing excellent articles which will be spread far and wide on the internet. But first, let’s start with the basics.

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Website registration is useful but it has to be set very low

Fact is, most sites don’t offer enough immediate value to overcome the inertia (or patience level) of a casual consumer. Except for gaming and pornography sites, the burden of consumer registration for the rest of e-commerce has to be set extremely low if you want to keep customers coming through the front doors.

Faced with the choice of creating mnemonic information or not, it is all too easy for a customer to enter invented information – especially when there is no requirement to verify an account through an email address – or just to walk away and find a site that will usher them in without the hassle. (How many times have you abandoned a promising Website as soon as a screen-full of empty boxes pops up, prompting you to explain, yet again, your life story in data?)

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Graphic Design School for an interesting career

In the last decades, the need for qualified graphic designers has exploded. There are currently over 300,000 graphic design jobs in the USA alone. Use of the internet is now part of our everyday life and mobile devices are integrated into our daily routine. These industries are hiring graphic designers at record levels.

First things first, educational requirements are that you need to have at least a high school or GED Diploma. Even if you are a gifted illustrator, you need to get your Diploma first. If you didn’t complete high school, you can earn your GED diploma perhaps in a few weeks with free resources from They have Math classes, Essay writing classes and everything else. I highly recommend this website.

Identify your focus

Are you an illustrator or an animator? Do you enjoy photography or typography? Are you interested in fine art or textile design? These areas and more are all part of the graphic design industry. Although a graphic designer can jump from area to area during a career, deciding on a focus will help you choose a graphic design school.

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Access Distance Learning Programs – Upgrade Your Education

Did you guys have a great Thanksgiving? I really hope you did and that you’ll survive today’s Black Friday Frenzy… But let’s get back to basics, our education and how to boost our careers. Education is one thing that can change your life on its own.

Very few things have the power to do that, of course very few things also take the work ethic and discipline that a graduate degree program takes. Experience alone no longer cuts it with most companies, or in most lines of work. So access Distance Learning Programs and see if you can find a program that fits your wishes.

You need more than that to get yourself to the top of the ladder. Employers seek skilled and educated individuals, and if you’re competing with a variety of others who have an undergraduate degree a distance learning graduate degree program will give you the one up on the competition.

So Beat The Competition With a Distance Learning Graduate Degree – How To Educate Yourself Without Disrupting Your Life Style

If you’ve started a graduate degree program, or are still in the decision phase of maybe enrolling for a distance learning graduate degree then stop wondering and start doing. Distance learning programs allow you to study when and where is best for you, not on a particular class schedule.

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How to avoid distraction when working at home


The disappearing doors problem is when you think opportunities you never knew existed will disappear. This post gives some advice on how to manage your opportunities.


Home Internet businesses come in many types. This can create a problem which was identified by the French philosopher Eric Frohm in 1941. He wrote a book called Escape From Freedom, which I thought seemed a strange title. Why would anyone want to escape from freedom?

However, as I have gained experience I can see what Frohm saw all those years ago. The situation we have arrived at in our modern day societies is one of too many opportunities as opposed to too few. We are constantly told of the things we can and should do before we die:

  • 100 places to visit before we die
  • 100 historical sites to visit
  • The next must-see film
  • The next must-visit restaurant

I am saying these choices are neither inherently good nor bad. Yet we do behave in a completely irrational way when sorting through these choices. This is the disappearing doors scenario. We believe if we choose one choice (door) over another then the other will disappear. So we spread ourselves too thin and try to keep every door open. The end result is we lack focus in all areas of our lives and wonder why we never fully succeed in any one area.

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The Vocational Education Act of 1963 Explained

The Vocational Education Act of 1963 required all U.S. states to set up detailed plans and reports if they want to qualify for specific Federal education funds. These state reports must describe the existing processes, which planning initiatives were made and which problems the individual states had been encountering.

Commonalities and differences in all of the States’ education planning processes were identified and various development and implementation methods needed to be described. There were discussions regarding the origins of data that was going into the different State plans and the most important steps to write and review the States’ plan draft were traced.

Vocational Education Act of 1963

The Vocational Education Act of 1963 was implemented by one of America’s most prominent Presidents, John F. Kennedy, who had set up an advisory board for the evaluation of and make recommendations about existing vocational education programs in America.

The new Act replaced the Smith-Hughes Act and major changes were made in practically all relevant areas. The new Act reduced federal control and introduced the idea of Work-Study programs whereas it also implemented gender equity. The new Act was finally providing a federal definition of the term “Vocational Education” and funding was increased to $225 million.

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Technical Vocational Education and Training

A vocational school is also known as a trade school or career school. It provides vocational training so that students will learn the skills that they will need in order to do a particular job fairly well. Check out this TEDx video about vocational education at Cranbrook School for Women:

This also includes knowledge about which techniques will work better to do one type of job over another, the safety procedures that need to be followed when doing a particular job, how to operate equipment and machinery in an efficient manner that will both provide support to the capabilities of its human operator and at the same time produce its optimum performance befitting of a machine, which unlike a human can consistently produce work without complaining or getting tired.

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How important is art for you? What matters more?

From the barista who serves your coffee to forward-thinking teachers, we all have creativity within us. We can be creative if we want to.

Art can be in everything we do. I imagine if you’re passionate about it, you might think it’s pretty important.

You might think about it a lot.  You might get frustrated if you can’t seem to finish a project or bring one of your ideas to life, says Emily who develops tests for the U.S. and Canadian High School Equivalency (HSE) tests.
She says: sometimes, at the end of the day, I look around me and see that I didn’t accomplish much at all, and my professional goal is to create at least one new test for the website that helps students to get ready for the HSE test. Sometimes other things take over and whatever we create for the day doesn’t matter anymore.

We have many priorities.  Does the world need YOUR art?  Your contribution?  That’s what I keep hearing, anyway.  So, that feeling of disappointment hangs over me, because I didn’t make enough of a “contribution” at the end of the day.

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Operational effectiveness behind the provocation: NoCRM

I have come across YouDontNeedaCRM in a startup contest. It caught my attention right away as I spent several years in big or medium corporation sales organizations. This is because I could relate to the operational difficulties of putting in place a practical and functional sales tool. I had to listen to what they have to offer.

I was pleasantly surprised with their presentation and I asked more details. Sunny Paris, the CEO, kindly provided the below post to my queries. They are going rather viral in the SME (Small/Medium Enterprise) domain and they have a multi-geography implementation. I believe and Sunny confirms that they can be deployed at team level of big accounts.

Enjoy your reading to understand the truth behind the provocation!

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