Going Back to School. I am So Excited

Learning new things is a constant in my life that I don’t believe will ever change. However, I would love to stop attending classes sooner than later. Yes, I went to high school but in the other country and here in the US it’s not good enough.  I have been looking for work for more than two years with nothing solid to report. Sitting idly is not something I can do very well so I am taking online classes to get my GED after that I will  enrolled for a class at the University. I found this fabulous GED program that opens the doors to potential students and to people who want to enrich their lives and I want to take advantage of my time now.

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Twonate-The Golden Ribbon That Ties The World Together

Angel posted an entry today about what she expects in a friend, such as empathy and humor. I thought I’d mix it up a bit and write about what my friends are as a way of showing my gratitude, and reminding myself of how lucky I am when times get tough between us.

  1. Accepting
    No matter what music I like, or what I choose to do with my life, my friends will always accept it.  Even if they don’t agree with it, they won’t hold it against me.
  1. Encouraging
    In the past couple of years I’ve been through a lot, and my friends have been there every step of the way. From something as simple as motivating me when I want to lose weight, to something as complex as helping me get through my therapy. I’m still not there, but I know that if I hit a stumbling block they’ll be there to pick me back up.

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