Autoresponders + The Wagon Wheel Caveat

Aweber Is A Commercial Conduit

It becomes very clear in so many ebooks and courses on the market that list building is the same as business building for most internet marketers.

That’s still an understatement. List building is vital and especially so for the internet marketing community today!
However, contrary to what I read so often online, list building does not start… with list building!?!

It starts with something much more important – a business, a reason to have a prospects list.

List building starts with creating an online business that your subscribers and customers will come to know and trust in time.

I know.  That’s obvious to most, but there is… a caveat.

If you begin to build a list with nothing more than a front end squeeze page and you haven’t developed a back-end sales page then you’ll be playing catch-up from day one.

Why?  It’s because building a list with an
email autoresponder service like
Aweber or Get-Response isn’t free.
There’s a recurring fee.  If you can
sustain 6 to 12 months of funding for a
paid autoresponder service then I’d say
go for it but you’ll be starting behind the eight ball instead of leading it.

If you don’t have long-term funding, then, here again, it’s even better still to wait and build your front end (opt-in pages and blogs) and then a solid back-end (your follow-up email series including your offers) before investing in a commercial conduit like Aweber.

When your front and back end are both in position then you’re ready to join a paid autoresponder service and start doing ‘real’ business in ‘real time’.

The following analogy, somewhat modified, seems appropriate:

The front end is your ‘cart’ (opt-in pages and blogs)
The back end is/are your wheels (your email follow-up series, sales pages & offers)

You’ll need both before you buy the horse (Aweber),
hitch up the business, climb on board, and say ‘Giddy-up’.

That’s how, if the wagon’s got wheels, a wagon master rolls

Don’t forget to ‘broadcast’ emails with some sort of consistency or your list will shrink or not respond.

I Wish You A Happy, Healthy, Successful  Year!

p.s.  Coming up next I’ll post a screen capture video that covers:
– sign-up
– set-up
– follow-up series
– and broadcasting
– using’s service.


Blog Posting That Gets Attention

Blog posts can attract and hold your visitors’ attention to your website; visitors who will subscribe to your feed and participate with your site in the future. When you take the time to create blog posts that suck visitors in, you’ll have a great foundation on which to build your business!

Let’s face it – there are a lot of websites out there from people to choose from! No matter what topic you choose, there are bound to be countless other blogs on the same topic.   How do we make our blogs stand out and get people coming back for more?

In four ways –  discover, recover, transform, and create fresh topical content, in any way, shape, or form you can find to do so without using any black-hat-techno-fraud.

When you create your blog and your posts, you have two specific groups of people you’ll be courting – new visitors and patron visitors. The new visitors want to know what your blog is about within a few seconds.

This means that you need to have a tagline at the top of your blog that explains your mission focus.  This statement, displayed under the title of your blog, will give your new visitors an instant snapshot of what you’re about.  Make the sign-up box for your RSS feed obvious and you’ll get new subscribers.

Your regular visitors especially need to be thought of as well.  Keep content fresh and update your blog frequently.  When you think about it, each and every post you make is an opportunity to lose or keep visitors.

In this short report, you’ll learn a step by step process to get your blog running and holding onto the visitors that come YOUR way! Whether you’ve had a blog for a while and need to update it, or you’re brand new to blogging, you’ll be able to use this process to get traffic and potential buyers.

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