Benefits to Being Married

When the house is a mess there is someone else to blame!

  • Someone to hang out with on your day off!
  • There is always someone to give you a hug!
  • Someone to make you feel better after fighting with your sister.
  • Someone to tell you it’s time to say good night to twitter and go to sleep!
    Having someone to make you smile when you are sad.
  • Getting to make your hubby feel better when he’s feeling sick.
  • Know that “anti-slip” liner you can put into the bottom of the shower?  When you lift it up from the shower floor it makes a large noise.  My hubby heard it and came running to the bathroom door to check on me!

When I forgot something in the car, D will volunteer to go get it!  (And actually get it!!)
To have someone who supports you starting a blog to the point that they apologize when they click on your post as it will mess up your stats total!
I can say “D … are you going to eat dessert tonight” and he knows that is code to get me ice cream from the freezer!
Having a guaranteed Valentine!
Someone to buy you flowers on Valentine’s Day!
Having someone to buy a Valentine’s gift for!
Someone to get you dessert when you are comfy on the sofa!

Need Ideas!

I am normally great at giving gifts.  Especially to D.  I usually think of something months in advance and figure out all the details.

Our anniversary is a few months away.  D just bought my gift and keeps going on and on about how great a gift it is.  How sweet it is.  How romantic it is.  (Now mind you this is the same guy who thought buying me an oversized, made with recyclable material Welcome mat was a romantic Valentine’s gift … he’s lucky he also wrote me a love note that time!!).

And I’m stuck. Honestly, I’m tapped out.  Can I blame work?  Work is great lately, really great.  But busy.  Really busy!  So I will say work is responsible for my creativity drying up.

But that’s probably not true.  Maybe I already used up my creativity?  So now is where I need your help!

What did you get your husband for your first anniversary?  I need to buy something soon if for no other reason than to shut D up!!!

My Trick for Ensuring a Clean House

So this is going to be short (sorry but we’ve got a house to clean!).

Have I mentioned before that D and I are not what you’d call neat freaks?  I want to be.  And I realize that once we have kids it is just going to get worse (which my mother reminds me about almost weekly!).  Constantly I come up with “mini to-do” chore lists.  For instance, I’ll say, “sweetie, today we are putting away the laundry.”

And then without fail, something else will come up.  Or nothing will come up and we’re both just wiped from a long work day and it won’t happen. “Ok, we’ll do it tomorrow.” Don’t think I am ruining the ending if I say, tomorrow almost never comes!

But there is one time when we do buckle down and clean: if we are having company!  My home has been less than inviting to company lately.  So we invited friends of D over and now we have to clean!  No that isn’t the only reason we invited company over, but a clean home is a HUGE benefit!

What tricks/tips do you use to keep your home clean??

Hold Your Horses!

(Wonder where on Earth that expression came from!)

I volunteer with a Jewish youth group and my girls have a fundraiser tonight followed by an executive board meeting.  I then to go pick up the hubby from the Greyhound station.  He went to meet with his adviser today to lives the next big city over so Greyhound seemed the smartest travel option.  Then hopefully home by 10:30 pm.  Not sure if I a “real” blog is going to go up tonight or not…

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