Going Back to School. I am So Excited

inspirationLearning new things is a constant in my life that I don’t believe will ever change. However, I would love to stop attending classes sooner than later.

Yes, I went to high school but in another country and my diploma is not good enough in the US. I am at a pivotal point in my life.

I’m at the bottom of the hiring list in most industries, and I’m bored out of my mind. I have been looking for work for more than two years with nothing solid to report. Sitting idly is not something I can do very well.  I want to take advantage of my time now.

I let everyone in my life know that I was stepping down from certain responsibilities to give me the time I needed to study. What I didn’t mention was, I also want to have time to blog. LOL!  I love being able to tell a story and to be able to share my thoughts with others.

This is why I have chosen to major in Organizational Communication and Public Relations. Before you start jumping into conclusions-I have no interest in working as a PR person. I am no longer a skinny 20 years old but, I do want to keep the doors wide open to a variety of other career opportunities.

When will my college years ever end? For now, I have set a goal to acquire my Bachelors by the end of spring of next year. If I am not employed by then, I will pursue my Master’s degree. Either way, I do want my Masters but the timing of acquiring that degree will be dependent on my employment status and family life.

Full Steam Ahead———–>GED Diploma and then Bachelors of Arts in Communication!!

I am sometimes, no many times in denial. We grow, everyone grows, at least physically we all grow but how about spiritually, mentally, psychologically? Some of us just stay put where we are and some of us seek more because we know we’re more. And there’s room to grow, to stretch, to increase, who you are, who I am.

It’s comforting for me to know that we are created to grow. I have a purpose in life and the tangible evidence is around me. I can actually see and delight in the results of my growth. I choose to grow, to have increase in my life, I’m still working on stretching myself, taking baby steps but it’s happening, and skills?  Oh, I need to seriously work on that still :)))
But here I am honing in on those skills, sometimes I don’t want to, especially after a hard, hot, and exhausting day but I do it, I practice my skills because I know that people who are successful in whatever they are doing are successful because they are diligent, they keep their eyes on their goal, on God, so that even if they’re sick they can still find the strength to keep on.

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