How to fish for clients

social-networking-jannoon028-freedigitalIn this article I examine how to become a fisherman rather than a hunter in networking. Work from home careers operate best when fishing.

There are two basic styles to trying to get leads when you have a network marketing or direct sales business opportunity as your work from home career. These two styles are; ‘hunter’ or ‘fisher’. First we define a ‘lead’ as someone who is showing a definite interest in your business opportunity.

‘Hunting’ – this is where someone aggressively seeks leads. They are always on the lookout and will chase down anyone relentlessly to get them to say ‘yes’.

‘Fishing’ – this is where someone sets out to ‘lure’ or attract someone who is already interested in your type of business to join you.

Hunting is a poor way to earn extra money.

The problem with hunting is the same people react the same way they do to that ‘cold call’ about double glazing at 7:00PM whilst you are having quality time with the family. What do you do? You either put down the phone or get your phone added to a ‘do not call list’. These people are simply working of huge lists, I have even had the double glazing company who put my double glazing in ring me the year after and see if I wanted any! Now that’s hunting for business.

Why fishing works in home Internet businesses

With the advent of easy access to the Internet together with the relatively low costs of start up compared to a ‘bricks and mortar’ business, home Internet businesses give you access to a global market. There are more than enough leads or ‘fish’ interested in your type of business opportunity. So why are some people more successful that others in this market. The answer is they know how to fish.

To be good at fishing you need to know:

where your fish are? (your niche market)
what type of fish you want? (your ideal lead)
what type of bait your fish like? (the content that will interest your lead)
how to ‘catch and release’ (the opportunity they accept and then train them go fish)

So as you can see success is linked to being able to attract people to you as a Leader and if you want a home business that operates on the ‘fishing’ concept and has a global presence enter your details in the box below to get an inside look.

In the last post I talked about ‘mastery’ and this means getting on the path and staying the course. In home Internet businesses the ’staying the course’ part can be easy to start but lets be clear, it can be difficult to stay on. Why is this so?

Momentum – remember that huge rock in Raiders of the Lost Ark?

One of the main reasons is that 19 out of 20 people are unable to do what is required to stay on the path. With so many people surrounding you who are failing that’s a lot of negativity to cope with. So what people in work from home careers need is a force that overcomes that negativity and helps them stay on the path. That force is called – momentum. Momentum is movement built up over time to the point where you become an unstoppable success.

Using the example of a lottery winner, the wealth this person gained was by dumb luck. There was no momentum involved. Because there was no process in which they learned about success almost all of them spend themselves back to the level of income they had before they won. In other words successful ways to earn extra money involve gaining momentum.

You gain momentum by those minute by minute choices to do the right thing. When becoming successful this way people tend stay successful because their momentum is built up step by step over time and is related to their own ‘optimal rate of growth’.

You will grow and succeed at your own rate if you stay on the path

In his book The Fifth Discipline Dr. Senge points out that all systems, including humans, have an optimal rate of growth, this is less than the fastest rate. In fact he says growing too fast can become self-destructive. This self-destructive success can seen in many different ways all around, celebrities, sports stars – especially manufactured celebrities, and businesses that expanded too fast.

So steady daily small improvements towards success at your own ‘optimal growth’ rate will lead to you becoming a permanent success. You have to keep moving constantly towards your dreams. If you stop you have to build all that momentum up again.

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