How important is art for you? What matters more?

From the barista who serves your coffee to forward-thinking teachers, we all have creativity within us. We can be creative if we want to.

Art can be in everything we do. I imagine if you’re passionate about it, you might think it’s pretty important.

You might think about it a lot.  You might get frustrated if you can’t seem to finish a project or bring one of your ideas to life, says Emily who develops tests for the U.S. and Canadian High School Equivalency (HSE) tests.
She says: sometimes, at the end of the day, I look around me and see that I didn’t accomplish much at all, and my professional goal is to create at least one new test for the website that helps students to get ready for the HSE test. Sometimes other things take over and whatever we create for the day doesn’t matter anymore.

We have many priorities.  Does the world need YOUR art?  Your contribution?  That’s what I keep hearing, anyway.  So, that feeling of disappointment hangs over me, because I didn’t make enough of a “contribution” at the end of the day.

BUT, here’s the thing…

Regardless of what you read, or what people tell you, I wouldn’t recommend OVER-GLORIFYING your art (your contribution, your project)  so much. Creating art is simple (kind of). If you love what you do, make time for it.  MAKE time for it. Once you have that moment set aside to create, give it your best and be DONE with it for the day.  It’s all about Operational Effectiveness. Your BEST.  Your ALL.  Whatever you didn’t do doesn’t matter.  It’s NOT disappointing.

The office is closed.
How many pages have I produced?  I don’t care.
Are they any good?  I don’t even think about it.
All that matters is I’ve put in my time and hit it with all I’ve got.

Your art doesn’t define you. It’s not WHO you are.  It’s something you do, and you do it well.  Be happy about that.

Is giving the world your art and your contribution important?  Of course.  So, yeah… make some time to give it all you got.  But, if the people you love are pining for your attention at the end of the day, then give it to them and if it’s, for example, Graphic Design School what attracts you, go on and follow your heart!

The world needs that MORE.

The world needs more happy people.  People that are nurtured and supported by caring individuals.  Caring individuals that realize that people matter more than inanimate objects.

There’s a reason The Carpenters went on and on about the world needing love, sweet love.  There truly is too little of that.  There is, however, plenty of people over-worked, desperately trying to be somebody important, as if who they are isn’t enough.  As if, at the end of the day if you didn’t paint the Mona Lisa or finish that novel, the world would suffer.

The world is suffering because of a lack of love.
Not because of the lack of Art.

There is Art all around you.  Or have you not noticed?
The world has an abundance of Art.

There’s a reason The Beatles tried to convince us that “all we need is love”…  ”there’s nothing you can make that can’t be made”… “there’s nothing you can know that can’t be known”…

You can over-glorify what you make or what you know, but ultimately, all the glory belongs to love.  That’s what makes it all possible.

Your Art DOES matter.  In fact, creating it may very well contribute to your happiness.  After all, you love what you do, right?  So, do it!  But, at the risk of bursting anyone’s ego-filled bubble….

As talented as you might be, don’t ever think for a second that any piece of art you bring into this world matters more than who you are, or the love you have to give another human being.

That’s what the world needs. Even more than your Art.

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