Night Out

D and I had a great night out last night!  First, D found an amazing deal on Living Social for two movie tickets for $9.  I mean amazing!  Especially considering where we live you can’t get one ticket for that price!

Now I tried to find a coupon for the concession stand but no luck.  So we did pay full price for our med popcorn/soda. Last night we went to the movies to see the King’s Speech.  Great movie.

Although we haven’t seen any (save one) of the other movies nominated for Best Picture, I will say it was an Oscar-worthy movie.  Colin Firth gave a great performance.  I am not a movie reviewer so I won’t really try.

But I would strongly recommend it!  (If you have any specific questions feel free to comment/message me!)

Apparently, a lot of people wanted to see the movie because it was a packed house.  We were 20 minutes early and already most seats were taken.  So I scoured looking for two seats together and found them in the last row of the theater.  Right next to a couple.  That was looking way to close for a movie.  They were smooching and giggling with each other.

Did I mention they were at a minimum 50 years old?  Now please don’t misinterpret.  I have no problem with people of any age dating and being in love.  That’s great.  I hope everyone finds someone.  However, I would hope that by the time you reach your twenties, you realize what is appropriate public interaction.  And smooching in public is not appropriate unless you are 15 and don’t know any better.

Add to this that both of them had trouble hearing/understanding part of the dialogue (probably the accents) and at one point the guy mirrored the scene on the movie and raised his right arm in a hail Hitler (which was showing on the screen).  Weird!

After dinner, we went to dinner next door to the theater.  On the way, we ran into the Cantor who did my Bat Mitzvah.  She left the synagogue soon after my Bat Mitzvah.  It was so strange seeing her.  And the amazing thing is after all these years, she recognized me!  It’s really an amazing thing because since I was 1.5 years old I have looked exactly the same.

I mean literally.  Obviously, I am bigger and my hair is darker, but I look the same.  Any “baby photo” games I have to bring in infant photos or it is immediately obvious which picture is me.  True.

Then during dinner, we ran into a cousin of mine.  Unbelievable!  I know too many people!

But dinner itself was a coupon … would definitely recommend it!  We saved $25 on our meal…no small feat.  D had blackened mahi-mahi with a wasabi vinaigrette (he really didn’t want to share!) and I had salmon marinated in soy/ginger.  Oh just thinking about it now makes my mouth water!

All in all, for us an expensive but amazing date night.  Lately, we’ve been going out with friends on our “date night” and we decided that though we love our friends … we needed some “us” time.  Definitely a good idea!


When D and I were out on Saturday, we ran into someone I had known over a decade ago (oy that makes me feel old!).  For the first time, I had to introduce myself twice.  I had to introduce myself as Sara (maiden) who was now Sara (married).

This is the first time I’ve had to do a “reintroduction.”  The first time I’ve had to tell someone two names for them to remember me.  It was weird.  Really weird! For the first 20-some years of my life I was a person.  A specific person.  With experiences, friends, emotions, memories.  And a name.

And now I am someone else.  Yes, I am still technically the same person, but not by name.  Perhaps a name doesn’t matter.  Maybe one day I won’t think twice to introduce myself as Sara (maiden) and Sara (married).  My kids will likely refer to me both ways when coming upon someone who may have known the “earlier” me.  The pre-mom me.  The me they cannot fathom.

But now, and forever more, I am someone else.  I am Sara Part II.

It’s strange.  And I know it was my choice.  And I think it was the right choice.  For me.  I fully respect people who remain themselves their entire lives.  I’ll be myself forever.  But called by another name.

As far as reintroduction’s go, having to say two names is hardly the worst case scenario.  But it is a new first.  They come up with less regularity the further I get from the wedding date.  But they will keep coming up.

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