On A Serious Note…

icon3Before I left for work this morning I checked my email to see if there had been any update on K.  Nothing in the inbox.  As I arrived at the office, I asked the secretary if there had been any news.  She shook her head and I knew … he didn’t make it.  Turns out, he didn’t even make it through the night.  In fact, when I posted my blog last night, he’d already passed.

K is gone.  He died surrounded by his family and loved ones.  The tubes are out.  He’s at peace.

To some degree, we each have our own idea of faith, religion and the afterlife.  I am Jewish but my opinions/beliefs are not 100% clear.  I know what I want to believe.  I want to believe there is a G-d (I was taught never to write out G-d’s name so it couldn’t be destroyed … hence the hyphen) and that He has a greater purpose.

That all things do happen for a reason.  That the only reason K would have died so young is because G-d needed him up in Heaven.  That there is a Heaven.  That we are surrounded by our loved ones (including of the canine variety) who passed away before us.  I want to believe all of this.  And when someone as young and innocent as K dies, there is a part of me, of all of us probably, that needs to believe this.

I need to believe that G-d had bigger plans for K than being here on Earth.  I need to believe that whatever Heaven really is, K is up there now looking down on us.  Maybe K is now L’s guardian angel, protecting her and looking over her during her recovery.

I need to believe that.

Is it the truth?  I don’t know.  But it is what I choose to believe.

My Royal Wedding Obsession

So I may have finally come to terms with the fact that I am never going to marry Prince William … but let’s not dwell on that shall we?

In my continuing obsession with all things royal wedding, I have mentioned what I think about the talk surrounding “training” Kate and how it may take years.  I still don’t understand how learning proper etiquette and how to do charity work could take years.  But then again, I am not royal so maybe there are elements to her responsibilities I don’t yet understand.  And then I saw this.  There was a surprise trip to Ireland where Kate looked pretty … smiled … and flipped pancakes.

PLEASE tell me this is not what is going to take years to teach her??  Please tell me there is something else that is necessary for her to learn.  Because if smiling for pictures and flipping pancakes pretty much sums up her responsibilities … I think she’s got it down.

Dinner Time

I have been on the lookout for easy vegetable side dish recipes.  My coworker, S, asked when was the last time I had collard greens.  Um … never.  Sorry!  She told me how to cook them so tonight I did.  I think I need to cook them longer.  While good, D and I both finished them, they were a bit tough.
I probably should have let it wilt a bit more and thrown some water in the wok to use as steam.  Oh well … we still ate it! Dinner: collard greens (stem cut out and cut into strips, cooked in the wok with some EVOO and garlic), mac and cheese and lemon pepper fish (microwaveable).  D said dinner looked like comfort food.  You tell me…
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